6 thoughts on “My first ‘radio’ show

  1. I’m only half an hour in but so far intriguing and easy to identify (with my own childhood). Varg was right – listening to Mr. Kevin Sommers is usually worth the time invested. PS: Did you record this on tape via an olde tyme radio, or did you ask the technician for the worst mic he had, being attached to a headset? (;

    • Thanks.

      I recorded it on a clip-on mic I got for less than $10 years ago. If this becomes a regular thing for me I’ll get something decent to record on.

      You should be careful what you wish for though, I’ve got an old cassette player from 1971 with a few mic inputs and my dad has stacks of blank bottom-of-the-barrel cassette tapes. ;)

      • Analogue will be the new digital in the post-collapse world – especially if you want to avoid a dying police state’s blatant totalitarian attempts to monitor you – so hang onto it all!

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  3. […] On tonight’s show I will be interviewing Kevin Sommers from The Glaciers March, and The Renegade Tribune. We discuss his medical history, personal awakening, spirituality, and Pagan concepts. For more information on Kevin’s story: Who is Kevin Sommers […]

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