Moonshine Ramblings against Romanticism

Video is by far the superior medium, it’s less intellectual & more emotional. Less ivory tower & more grounded in reality. But, I will attach a(grammar checked) transcript for those who cannot watch it. You do miss out on quite a bit but the core points are all there. That’s just how it is, I don’t stick to script very well. I’m not much for sticking to plans either, there isn’t much purpose in letting this blog die. Mirroring content to my other site is really a trivial matter.

Right now I have a realization in front on me. I am ‘behind’ those who need glasses, people whom adapt to more intellectual pursuits as they are limited in understanding the psychical due to poor eyesight. In some senses I am the third class, my vision cannot be corrected so easily. They’re trying me out for prism glasses right now.. ha, I’m pretty sure it’s bullshit from what I’ve seen so far. Placebo.. get and a year’s worth of vision therapy sure to make another doctor that much richer. Fuck that, I’m dick of doctors whose religion sees treating an out group unethical. Yep, talking about Jews & their Talmud. Look it up if you ever find yourself sick, it may just save you the years I wasted and the thousands my patents spent. Political Correctness is not worth your personal wellbeing, nor your life.

Right then, I am the third class in the race for survival. I would die on the battlefield pretty quickly, such is not my place. How did I fall into the survivalist circles or Varg Vikernes… hell how did I make a friend of him? I was blind to my own lot, at the moment I am drunk on shine. What that means is a slower reaction time & lack of filters, nothing more. Perhaps poor grammar? I’ll let you be the judge.

At one point I excelled socially, and then I had ‘help’ who turned my life upside down. Same ethnicity as the doctors now that I bring it up. They got me under the pretense that I mispronounced words, when they were done with me I could not even begin a sentence. I think as adults we forget that we were one vulnerable, another story for a more sober day perhaps. Or perhaps we only remember our vulnerability when drunk… why is it we get drunk anyways? To make sense of our childhoods? Our younger years? The adult brain is too far developed, we cannot even relate with ourselves even a decade prior. Hell.. think back to 9/11 right now. Can you understand where you were then, let alone anyone else? Not if you’re <21 you can’t. Yet you believe you can relate to other cultures… other races? Mmm..hmmm..? Perhaps you think you can ‘show them the way to civilization.’ And they call right wingers ‘racial supremacists.’ Nah.. just the honestly selfish. The people who want to play world police are the ‘bad guys.’ The leftists, the socialists. I have no sympathies even for the National Socialists.. liberals, nationalists, communists.. all outdated ‘romantic’ thought patterns left from the Renaissance.

But I was talking about myself. Eyesight so poor that I lack spacial awareness, reading about a blind man who tastes wine for a living I realized something. He can identify the intersection he is at by smell.. I lack that. I am less competent than a blind man at identifying my exact location. I see in 2D, woe is me. Ok, what does this mean? IQ does seem to be static based on genetics, do my brain has used it’s power elsewhere. It has taken advantage of senses that are not.. um.. crippled, not by genetics but malpractice(a long run theme of my life. Show me no sympathy.) Oh and my mother having me too late in life, but I’ll leave that article for the women, far better educated on maternity than I am. Damn me for showing that there are actually some advantages for being born ‘faulty.’ Damn it all, for an Idealist could see no advantage to fault. My existence breaks through all Romantic thought, Nazism included with a dose of Realism; AKA, nature cares not for simplicity, the cause & effect you were taught as a babe, nor your duality. Fuck your humanity.. we’re running >9000 causes for a singular effect, let humanity’s top 1% of scientists be dammed, even they must rely on dogma let they forever forgo their conclusions striving for the perfection of addressing every factor.

But why can I not focus on myself, my brain has rerouted it’s number crunching to internal psychology. What else can happen with a lack of external understanding? I could be locked away for a century and still contribute do long as my species survived. Lacking external stimulation my brain has been forced to analyze itself, which does put me in a realm of hell but also a pit of knowledge. I cannot self-terminate for I actually can end the madness & anti-social tendencies we see right here.. though it may occasionally be tempting. It’s just the same as I cannot abandon my oath to serve white children so long as I may live, despite Vikernes and friends demanding exclusivity. I understand the ‘self-programming’ nature of religion too much. But yet.. what do I do. To leave an unfulfilling end to this post the white movement needs to impress with production quality, with cash! I’m ready to leave things be for a few years to build up my coffers, to drag this movement drop the gutters with parties, cars, and sex(a revival of Futurism, a forgotten ideology which actually sees mass appeal and has self-revived in car culture & electronic music) but I am still without a path. Fuck your family, bring back the days children left home at 13 & did apprenticeships based on their skills. Mine may not be based on genetics, but instead late birth/external forces but they still should ring out clear as day.

Fuck Romanticism (Liberalism, Nationalism, and Socialism.. including Marxism) we have yet to figure out the best system of governance. Ideals mean nothing.. goddam it men. Idealists are authors, not politicians!

To clarify a few points where I feel I’m making an assumption the reader/watcher is on my same level:

I left the video as ‘unfiltered’ as possible to avoid my long rants breaking from the general gist of the article, the ‘Fuck your family values’ line. My thoughts behind that are actually complex enough to warrant a whole video in of its own. Take ‘gay issues’ as one thing, I do not oppose them because of ‘muh tradition/values’ but because the human body does not have pheromone receptors for same-sex individuals. Therefor same-sex relationships cannot truly be romantic in nature, and as such promoting it as an equal lifestyle may result in children adopting it and missing out on one of the key experiences of our existence.

Point two, my use of the word ‘selfish’ and promoting people to follow in my footsteps; I am assuming one is in line with their instinct/intuition/biology. I am not talking about personal selfishness but racial, more so than that of your specific group. I want to see more groups forming such as the CCPI, and less universal ‘white empire’ websites. For why this is the case read my post on Whites are driven by competition rather than cooperation. Being outdone by another white ethnic group is and always has been a strong motivator.

In a future article/video I will detail more clearly where it is exactly I stand. I do not feel I have something presentable at this time. However I will say that I find myself inspired by America’s founding fathers… no not those who wrote up various documents, but those who actually put together the means of moving over here in the first place. Such a monumental task should not be lost to the senile mind of history, and I feel following in the footsteps of those men may show promise for our cause.


Returning to this blog after the end of WhiteShadeSociety has made me realize how slow the free WordPress blogs really are. From this point forward my more professional writing will appear on, which is a WP blog hosted off the same server hosting WhiteShadeDating. We will also be re-launching WhiteShadeHosting, which will likely be the world’s only white-owned non-liberal ‘free speech host’ in existence. More so than that we specialize in hosting WP sites(That being wordpress or white pride, though we’re open to all customers at this time) and we determine our rates solely based off of what one really needs. We don’t force you to conform to ‘plans’ where you end up spending more money than necessary. :)


In the near future I will be going over in depth all that has happened this past year with a focus being on WhiteShadeSociety and what I learned from my time managing it. I may also transition over to doing vlogs and at the very least should change my writing style. I’m not cut out for pseudo-intellectual dribbling, and I don’t think many people enjoy reading it either.  I’m probably going to give some more time for things to sink in before I post anything conclusive especially as I will be burning some bridges. Torching them more like, which will be fun, but also in a way self-destructive. Destructive only of the bad however as I’ll be talking about old friends and old attitudes I once shared(to some degree.) There is still much confusion about what the end of WSS entailed and why I showed no resistance to it’s dissolving, when I post it will be at itself as the monument to what could have been is seeing some very good numbers. The ghosts are almost as active as the living! Either way, I sense a lack of closure within the community, and those who had yet to join it. All spirits will find their rest after I have had my say.

With it all will come much change and exploration of new pathways, some which may even be unexplored by any who have come before. Change is good. And with that I’ll note that Vergobret will be seeing much change in the coming months, what is now stock will find itself morphing to fit my person as it is written on. The first thing to do is find it a theme.

You will also find the other admin of WhiteShadeSociety, Kurt/Arysyn, on Time will tell what the two of us write about, and we’re likely crosspost on each others’ sites. One thing I can assure dear readers is that we are mulch-faceted. There is far more to us than political ramblings, and we won’t be covering ‘the news.’

Til I find myself out of the maze of crossroads,

Kevin Sommers CEO WhiteShadeDating LLC


Update as of October 31st 2014, I am no longer working with Kurt/Arysyn and vivusmortus will not be seeing any content. I will still be writing for Vergobret & maintaining it as my new personal blog.

WhiteShadeDating is looking at a Valentine’s Day release 2015, the delays which have so far been caused by the company we contracted for the software should be resolved now that we have our own coder on team, we are beginning anew from scratch with custom in house built code.

WhiteShadeHosting is ‘open’ but will remain without a website as for the moment, if you are interested in hosting I can be reached at We specialize in website design and WordPress hosting, preferring to work with customers who want a ‘set it and forget it’ site or whom want to leave the technical/design work to our team.

I still plan to address the fall of WSS, I have been working on shortening my work as to make it viewable in a single sitting. My main weakness is my tendency to ramble and I would prefer to keep it all within a single video. I have also needed time to study up on the technical side of why things happened as they did.

The Future of Technology with regards to the European Traditionalism

As we understand here on WhiteShade the world works in a cyclical nature. Things come and go, and come back again in slightly different forms. And as we know, the cycle can never be stopped, the wheels of time keep turning despite our greatest protest. With enough force the wheel can be made to lurch, or skip like a record, and perhaps it can even be knocked off course or delayed; but never for long.

A number of us in this movement are hostile toward technology, and for a long list of very valid reasons:
Our growing dependency on it
Future solar storms making electronics dangerous
The ability of many devices to become addicting
How our ancient cultures have no text that can relate to recent advancements

Technology and it’s role in European society is an important thing to address as there is much wrong with the current system, but the solutions I have seen so far are wrong as well. Some propose the culture ignores it, whilst others wish to twist back the hands of time to erase it. Same as with turning back a record, the later just assures that we’re find our way back to our current situation again later after having gone through the same tries a second time. And as any European, I hate repeating things un-necessarily.

At this point in time we’re on the tail end of the Industrialization era: the era that destroyed and polluted the land, ended up with our people crammed like sardines within the cities, an era which made many honorable professions ‘redundant,’ brought disease, even worse quality of food/water/air/earth, etc. Those who hate Christmas must love December 26th because that is the day furthest away from Christmas. So please for the love of the Gods, let’s get ourselves through this point in time, rushing it if we must, so that we can be as far away from it as humanly possible.

We are entering both the age of minimization, automation, post-industrialization. Allow me to address how each of these advancements bring us closer to the lives of our ancient ancestors; and how staying on this path will get us there quicker than trying to go back through these miserable eras of time.

Minimization: The home offices of the 1600s and 2100s will look nearly identical whilst the offices of the past few decades were filled with wires, bulky monitors, and loud pc towers. People in the 80s/90s had in their possession: an alarm clock, books, calculator, camera, cassette player, CDs/DVDs, camcorder, computer, GPS, games console, pager, phone, tapes, television, turntable, radio, VCR, vinyl, watch.. and I could keep going. People these days have a phone.. a single device that(while not always to same same standards) replaces every single one of these.

How about just focusing on one simple task for a moment, listening to music. In the 1970s if you wanted to listen to recorded music with a decent quality quality you would have likely had something similar to this:

And let’s not forget the record collection, assuming the same number of albums the average person has today, taking up many shelves in their home.

Is it any wonder people tend to stick to one home? Is it any wonder few people feel they can live more nomadicly as our ancestors did? And yes.. I did above mention books! Even more so than records a library can make for a very difficult move, our ancestors had oral traditions, they did not rely on books for their storytelling and knowledge. Now what may I ask, what is available to people today? To get rid of all this clutter that makes moving, traveling, and flat out getting out of the house nigh on impossible.


Some of you may know what this device is, and some will not. It is a digital-analog converter & a headphone amplifier. It fills both the role a turntable & phono-amp would have in the past, as well as that of the amplifier. That is of course provided you wish to use headphones which replace the monstrous speakers of yesteryear. And if you prefer speakers, they make those much smaller and with built in amplification these days, some even have a converter on-board as well. Now for this modern device to work you do need either a phone or computer to hook it up to, but we’ve already assumed one of those devices has replaced the large list of those from the past. The day will come soon where a nomadic life is yet again possible, where travelers are no longer outcasts amongst a society, and they will still benefit of the technology created in the past century. Technology such as devices which bring music and art directly to you.

Automation, in today’s world it is a scary concept. The current economy is already suffering unemployment, replacing even more people with robots will make the problem much worse. As I’ve already covered in my previous post on business and as I will again cover in the future, my ideal is a time in the future where salaries can sustain workforces doubling their numbers(and hence cutting each employee’s hours in half if not even further.) Imagine a world where employees see a % of the total profit and each person can make the choice to not only cut his hours(and still be able to feed himself) but also bring another person into the workforce. Even just eliminating the lunch break(if people only work 4hrs a day it can be expected that they’d eat at home) will bring an extra hour ‘worktime’ to every single job at every single company. Simply, one employee leaves at lunch time and goes to eat; and the other has finished his meal at the same time and is on the way to work.

If this seems unrelated to automation, it isn’t. When the workforce can support many times more people, less people will be forced into torturous factory/menial labor careers. Hence automation, which will become the natural progression anyways(as companies were forced to outsource to remain competitive with the first company to do so, it only takes one greedy sod in the modern Capitalist system) can take over without leaving people on the streets and starving. Another large advantage to this is that the people themselves will be able to dedicate more time to design and ‘form’ rather than simple function(that must be simple enough for the Chinese slaves to build quickly), and those who want things handmade will see a less saturated market, where those who do everything themselves with hand tools will stand out all the more. Do you want a computer’s precision or that of a craftsman? Cheap/shoddy labor need not apply.

And because of automation devices will be made even smaller. No human can put together a small circuit with millions if not billions of transistors, which is necessary for the process of minimization. Going back to the above topic, the average home will end up filled with large works of craftsmen; and tiny electronic devices(doing all the things technology does) will be easily put out of sight and out of mind. There will be a clear divide between the crafted and the electronic. This will fly in the face of today’s trend of ‘lifestyle electronics’ that can blend in with the home decor, such devices will simply be tucked away when not in use due to their size. We needn’t stare at things on a daily basis which were not crafted by skilled human hands.

And this carries me into my third point. The post Industrial world, a world without large consumer devices scattered about the house. A world where all data is stored ‘in the cloud’ and all non-appliance devices are pocketsize. The houses of the future will be as neat and focused on well-crafted furniture/decoration as were those many hundreds of years ago; in stark contrast to the complicated circuits/cheap plastic enclosure of electronics today. Sure you will find a keyboard where there used to be a stack of papers; but you will also find clear space where the bulky CRTs of yesteryear dominated many a home office. Cables eliminated as the world goes wireless, and bulky ‘consumer products’ long gone; again there will be a sense of living in a home rather than a spider’s web of gnarled cables making your home look like a madhouse with blinding LEDs, whirring fans, and the life support of all these machines scattered all around.

And naturally with the downsizing of electronics, all devices will be grace our thoughts much less so than they do today. It is normal for us humans to give things priority based on how much of our space they take up. A house or car for example is assumed to need much work and time dedicated to it. As things shrink, the mind sees them of less importance. We will not stop talking on our phones nor using them to do simple tasks such as checking the weather, but I can guarentee you will not find people clocking away 8+hrs of gaming on a phone whereas they would do so with their home computer. And home gaming will switch over to VR, whereas it gives you a complete isolation from the world that will leave you fulfilled much sooner than would sitting in a room with a monitor. As the culture again becomes more social, and the technology isolates people more they will naturally regulate their electronic hobbies as to not affect their offline life. With a culture promoting learning both how to do things the old fashioned way and with electronics, many may even find themselves preferring doing things manually as doing so is more social and brings more fulfillment.

Hence my conclusion is that we are on the tail end of the Industrial/Modern age and swiftly moving into the next part of the cycle. As we do so I see the focus returning to reality and the concrete, priorities again switching to the community and the Earth, and away from Escapism, Isolationism, and boredom. With this change comes a challenge that none of our ancestors in recorded history have run across, a way for our generations to prove ourselves in a way we haven’t had the chance to before. And that challenge is, learning to set your own limits and being in tune with your weaknesses with regards to technology. We have the world at our hands: endless information & entertainment. Once we withstand this era, those of us to plow through it will no longer fear the much simpler concrete vices of drink, lust, and endless pleasure. We will have already mastered it in the digital domain, a domain that connects with us less but which was able to more directly fulfill our urges. We will be un-corruptable and that is what technology has given us. It is a challenge much the same as any war, food shortage, plague, etc. You can hate it all you want, but it is the way you are to prove yourselves. Not every generation has the blessing of confronting something new, as our ancestors did many times before. We have the same blood they did, and we will write the lessons for those who follow. Being European in blood is not about reading and learning history all day long, it is also about continuing the writing of history, as much as we go through, there is always history to be made.

Born at the Right Time

As a believer in reincarnation I’m not as apt to feelings of bring born in the wrong century, believing that I likely was born and lived in those times. Still I look around and see many of my generation declaring that they were born in the wrong decade, there is even a song that comes to mind ‘Born to Late’ by the band Saint Vitus. Now the band isn’t from my generation but I’ve known many who are who like the music and who relate to the message. I could always be wrong but the impression I get from the song is that the singer wishes that he had been an adult during the late 60s/early 70s rather than a child. In essence he was inspired by numerous bands during this era and by the time he had grown up it was all out of style. He easily matched his role models but by the time he was old enough to do so, the masses had moved on to other things.

I feel the same feelings for the late 90s/early 2000s. Looking over the past century there is very little in the way of European culture breaching the mainstream. I’ve tried finding popular music, any popular music recorded within the era of technological advancement where recording music was actually possible, and it’s mostly all degenerate. Even if you go back to the 40s, 30s, or 20s; you still have black pop stars and degenerate messages behind the music. It was more subtle back then, but don’t for one second believe that anyone listening to those songs was fooled. Compare the rap music of today that enjoys offending people to the music back then where the musicians got to feel ‘edgy’ skirting the censorship laws. Civil rights in the 60s changing everything? A good portion of popular musicians going back even so far as the late 1800s were black. Ever heard of Scott Joplin? The laws just take time to catch up with the culture, laws are only changed once they are an inevitability. There is a good reason the 20th Century & the whole ‘Modern Age’ is called ‘The Jewish Century.’ Whomever controls the culture controls society.

Let me return to why I feel I was born at the best time this century, in good old 1993. Shareware & The Internet. This was the beginning of the era where people can mass produce their own culture & where ‘underground’ culture was finally able to go global. The reliance on the production facilities of large corporations was over. No more waiting on vinyls being pressed, game cartridges being flashed, books being printed, or waiting on your regular scheduled programming. We’re in the era of mail-order culture and internet downloads. The mass media is now in panic mode as television subscriptions are at an all time low, trying to convince you all that they are still relevant and that ‘internet didn’t actually kill the video star.’ They’re dead but still dreaming of the days where they owned the stage and people were forced to suckle off of their teats to stay alive.. and ‘hip.’ Look around and what do you see, hey vinyl is coming back. Isn’t it great? For the first time in recent history the media is trying to turn back time, we’re all made nostalgic of the same era Weinrich sung so fondly about in 1986. The era of the mass culture counter-culture, which became the defacto culture. The appeasement era where the media first created a cultured controlled-dissent in hopes of holding back.. the exact thing that came about in the 90s.

Well I will tell you about records & turntables. You won’t find many underground bands getting their albums pressed, and sure the sound quality of a good turntable beats your computer; but your computer runs over the cheap tables they sell at your local store & a good digital converter trounces your good turntable. Analog superiority? Afraid not, it’s all recorded on digital anyway and in many cases you’re just getting a CD press mastered to sound ‘warmer.’ You’d save more money just buying a ‘warm’ DAC. Now this is looking at things very simply, analog masters are overall superior; but this is only because digital masters are ruined by the ‘loudness war.’ Look it up, and then we can theorize why this is. I will say though that I’m selling my turntable and going back to digital, good digital that is. Feel free to contact me if you want to buy a nice table. :saint:

Backtrack, what is so special about the 90s? First I’m going to go off topic and tell you why I enjoyed growing up in the 90s. What Mr. Weinrich of Saint Vitus perhaps did not consider is that had he been born earlier he would not have been inspired and awestruck the music he loved as a child. Sadly those emotions have been regulated to children only for all of recent history. Children take on role models and inspiration, things that they later wish to re-create for their own children to experience. Adults more-so enjoy something only to discard it later, the things that truly stick with you are those which left your jaw on the floor as a child. If you have children, make sure that you show them the world & many facets of our culture whilst they are still young. Growing up in the late 90s I was exposed to a diverse collection of culture. No, I did not say exotic culture, diverse. The European race is the most diverse of any group out there. I grew up on Duke Nukem, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and The Sims. Do you get what I mean by diverse now?

Age 6 I was playing one of the most violent & sexual games of its time; by 10 I had games that showed off European engineering, music, family life, and humor. I lived these games, blocking out the abuse I was suffering at school(I did a podcast on it here: and perhaps more so than most of my time, I retreated fully into ‘vidya.’ What in the grand scheme of things is a horrendous way to live, I want to say I was raised more in line with our race’s ideal than 99% of the children raised in the past century. I was exposed to European creations, before the game studies were bought out by the big Jewish publishers, in the early days when small developers made their own content and freely distributed it without having to worry about ratings/sales on major internet news sites. Before there were internet trolls and message boards that could kill a game if it didn’t have some form of agenda behind it. The RCT games are the embodiment of a single man having a great idea and pouring his heart & soul into it. His racial soul; just look at the artstyle, the music, and the subtle humor. The game is European as can be though I highly doubt Mr. Sawyer would consider himself a ‘racist.’ He is simply a European man creating European art, as our people have always done. Without any thought of the other nor any thoughts of ‘making a point’ or ‘taking a stance’ with his work. He didn’t care to shock, offend, or manipulate. He simply created something that he could personally be proud of, he created the kind of game he wanted to play. For our younger readers, another such game that made it big and which embodies many of these same features.. Minecraft. No more explanation needed except to say once you are done looking at the game, take a look at all the ‘mods’ created for it that follow along in the same spirit. That is how communities are built, one man builds the foundation and the rest jump to not only help him build the house but help to fill in the cracks in the cement.

The late 90s marked the end of the ‘Jewish Century’ and whereas the laws still exist from that time and many choose to retreat into that time; the die has already been cast. The ‘Modern Era’ is over and we’re on the tail end of the Industrial Revolution(I will write more about this later.) The war was won when children such as myself ran into European culture that broke through the cracks, and cut down the electric monopoly of the Jewish conglomerates. When culture could be created at home and made it around the country we had won. And now we are freely sharing things across the internet, the kids growing up now are seeing more degenerate nonsense than ever before, but so long as that one game/song/movie makes it to them. They will make the right choice. It’s in their blood.

Pass on the ‘good word’ to those who are still fighting for dear life. The war has been won, it’s ok to leave the political correctness and scummy movies behind. You aren’t the only person who watches them only because it’s expected. The mass media and their expectations are outdated and ready to be discarded. The war is over, but we aren’t in the clear yet. It will take time to clean up the mess and have the victory cries heard worldwide.

And if you ever find yourself in Japan, make sure to give a ‘thank you’ to the few companies over there which weren’t bought out by the Jew. We don’t see things exactly the same and our values are still quite different, but for many of our young Japanese video games & anime were the only things to bring European values to their home.

This one is dedicated to the millennials.
You were born at the right time, take a look at your father, and your father’s father if you need the confirmation. Most of us were not raised right by our parents; but there is an upside to everything. We were raised in the ‘worldwide underground’ at least to the extent that we needed. You can always learn later on how to do the practical tasks of life which your parents never taught; you can never turn back time and grow up surrounded with positive culture as your parents most certainly did not. Not until the next life at least.

Christians, There is no Heaven like that of a pure childhood whereas you are raised by two healthy white parents. Whereas Heaven in the traditional sense promises a land of endless novelty(as does modern culture); reoccurring childhood offers a ‘reset’ where you can experience the things you loved as a child again anew time after time. You may have been cheated out of this experience in this lifetime, but provide it for your children anyway as life is not fair. Once proper parenting again becomes commonplace you will find Heaven in the afterlife, after every life.

This message brought to you by Kevin Sommers CEO of WhiteShadeDating LLC & born in 1993 (Sorry I couldn’t help myself. :love: )

Never Underestimate our Ability to Change(or Return to our Default State)

I’m getting sick of hearing about how the masses will never change, or at least within our lifetimes. Now change isn’t the right word, what we’re looking at here is like a rubberband springing back after it’s been stretched and manipulated. The establishment will tell you that change takes many generations as they are essentially attempting to keep the rubberband stretched. We are simply removing the manipulative hand and as soon as we do that band snaps back with enough force to leave quite the sting.

It is true that people don’t change, which we can take faith in, that we have not been changed no matter how long the enemy has been sitting on our throats restricting our ability to breathe. All forced change is temporary, but believe you me, the day draws near where people to revert to acting in accordance with their bloodlines.

Here is the journey one can make in 20yrs time put in picture form. I start out a normal child and through years of mental/verbal abuse(which can be learned about in my radio show) I am a deluded fool by the age of 14. The next picture is me at 17yrs old; my legs basically crippled & mute, not expecting to live to the end of the year. Have a laugh, I made a point of trying to insert some humor into the pictures my parents took of me at this time.

Being driven to ‘rock bottom’ by illness took away my ability to cope, cover up, or escape from my problems. It forced me to confront them head on and made me into an adult. More importantly, keep note of how I go from ‘unhealthy and misguided’ back to my original state, at least in personality.





20140628_114912_Android 21


See our fellow whites for who they can be, not whom they are now. Every time you think back to one of our ancestors or great deeds our people have done in the past; those very same people surround us today. Do not look down on the common man for the failure of his leaders, the poison in his foods, or the endless propaganda he has been fed. It’s on those of us who broke out of the system, for whatever reason, to give them the helping hand up that they need. Don’t flatter yourself with needless elitism which will only continue the fall.

A Simple Diet

I’ve been giving some thought as to how to present the diet I follow here on the blog. Following what I know from psychology it is unproductive to give people a list of things ‘not’ to do or ‘not’ to eat. The brain does not interpret that word hence the phenomena known as reverse psychology. You tell someone not to do something and they’re usually end up doing just that. Hence I will tell the forum what I do, not what I don’t do.

Doing so is very simple. I eat grassfed meats, raw dairy, nuts, and fruits. Sometimes a vegetable. If you want to eat healthy start with that, easy. You get most of your nutrients from fat(so go fatty on the meats, lean meat is a treat) and the fruits(try for variety.) Vegetables you will need to experiment with.

From there experiment with different foods/recipes to see what you can add to your diet without negative effect. Experiment with as few things as possible at a time(so you know exactly what food brings what effect) and learn your recovery time. I’ve found grains, sugars, and plants of the nightshade family to be detrimental to my health. If I consume any amount of them it takes up to 1-2 weeks to re-normalize. A good site for finding recipes is It is a paleo website and as paleo has a million different interpretations you will want to investigate each recipe carefully. You can rest assured though you won’t find any of the usual offenders, and you will likely find ideas as to how to replace foods you currently eat and no longer wish to continue consuming.

The forum is dead, long live WhiteShade

Let this post serve as a monument to the end of an era, an era of politics which go nowhere. An era of not understanding ourselves and our thought patterns, an era of opposing nature and human biology. Let myself and those who follow me heed these words as not to repeat these very same mistakes.

One month ago I set about the folly of creating a community that would encompass all of those of European ancestry who have concern for the future of the European people and their descendants. Such community was to have no affiliation, with its’ loyalty lying with the health & well being of my generation and the youth of the future who are yet to have an affiliation.

Two days ago we suffered a mutiny, the community realized that all but two of them belonged to the same clan or ideology, and that I too as leader belonged to this very same clan. The community demanded the banishment of one sole Christian member and two-thirds of our admin team, declaring that I was now to work exclusively for their service. Withholding the fact of the imbecilic nature of thinking that you can ditch the site’s host & coder, as well as the for all intents and purposes forum specialist & chief administrator, and expect things to stay just as they are I had no intentions of breaking my site’s neutrality. Returning for a moment to the hosting situation, quite obviously I would be told that it would be necessary to drop our host whom is 100% supportive of our politics & cause and instead take up one of a Talmundic persuasion. If it wasn’t for the fact that I know this to be instinct shared by all sub-divisions of the European people I would have put down the mutiny and exiled all involved then and there.

Members of non-Odalist groups such as the numerous Christian sects as well as Athiest, Creator, Cosmotheist, Agnostic, etc. groups declared early on that they had no interest in patronizing a site with any membership base held by another sect. They did so by not joining and in some cases by not following through on promises of support. Odalists did the same once they realized that the forum was not exclusively their own, reacting just as quickly and decisively as any other group would have in the same situation. This is all despite the fact that this is a ‘health’ forum rather than a ‘religious’ forum. The community demands nothing less than a forum which caters only to their group, and if we aren’t with them then we must be with another group! The original ‘goal’ of the site was to build a userbase for our dating service, WhiteShadeDating, before it launches. We were interested in building a large following and in providing an information database on relevant topics. The forum was there to support the dating site: by increasing numbers, by allowing people to contribute to the project, by allowing people to earn significantly discounted services on our other sites, and by giving people a secure place to work together and talk of self-improvement. It has been demanded of me that I cease all work on all other projects so that I can manage an isolated forum for one small community, this was the purpose of the mutiny.

Where I erred was in thinking that you can have an unaffiliated community driven website, at least one that does not cater only to a very small niche. Even then take a few looks at the internet’s various hobby forums and you will see clear ideological leanings. They all maintain the illusion of no affiliation through draconian rules which result in frequent rebellion and banning, and the membership still form clans based on other factors, usually rallying behind a member. Then these clans stage a mutiny and usually end up booted off with their own forum elsewhere(if they have the will to bring one about.)

However, as stated my larger projects are ‘service based’ rather than ‘community based’ and as such can only be hindered by lugging along an affiliated community driven site. A service based site has a target market and anything done to isolate parts of that market results in losing clients, excluding people from your service. Hence when the community becomes a hindrance(as I now believe all communities ‘supporting’ service driven ventures will become) it needs to be eliminated.

If I were to think as a simple-minded man I would blame the Odalist community for the ‘failure’ of this website. But I am not simple minded and I looked further, I asked around, I talked to the community to reach the root of the problem, I investigated other sites & projects. I thought back to my experiences with other websites, and how other communities approached out site. I do not see our sites’ closure as a failure, failing is in not realizing your mistakes and continuing on ignoring them, or in throwing a blanket over them and hoping they will go away. Such would be to follow our former course of action, in banning talk of ideology/terminology by putting the focus on ideas themselves. Such is a novel idea for the naive man, akin to talking about a world without borders or religion. Even when the European world was a majority Christian countless sects developed, just as hostile toward one another as were the Christian and Pagan nations. Talking of unity and world peace is a game for the illiterate. We have reached a profound realization with the ending of this small part of our greater project, an explanation if you will for why ‘the movement’ is a failure. If you don’t know what I mean by ‘the movement’ then thank your forefathers and don’t bother, it’s a specter that hasn’t yet realized that it died many decades ago, it was born out of the very same flawed ideals that it opposes.

What I have learned from my mistake is as follows: White man views his fellow White man whom shares a difference in opinion with more hatred than any White man will ever view a Non-White man. White man naturally forms division to maintain small sized communities, which by default are destined for competition and conflict amongst other White groups. There are ingrained racial traits and cannot be overridden. Attempts to override are attacks on our very survival instinct & advancement strategy, of which this is a key element, and only end in self-destructive persons being formed.

I speculate that this evolved out of our ancestors’ nomadic ways, whereas the family or clan needed to maintain a perfect balance between the number of people the land could support and the number who would work for the clan’s direct benefit. As can be proven by a cursory look around society, this trait is unique to the white race. All other groups band together when confronted with an outgroup, only a perfectly homogenous white group will ever respond to outside threat. And there is no forcing homophony, once you have grown to a certain size divisions arise naturally as people branch off. Hence explains our tiny countries compared to the rest of the world, our ‘progress’ in technology & culture as people branch out, and many other ‘peculiarities’ of our people. We must own this behavior, accept it, and plan based around it. Any political movement which ignores this reality is put on the same footing as all enemy movements, minus the support and propaganda base. The only way to work for a common good is to allow these clans to form, to allow Whites to self-segregate, and to work from there. From now on I will be working with this knowledge in hand as I hope everyone who reads this does the same. Lest this knowledge end all talk of welfare/nanny state ideologies up to and including National Socialism as unfit for the White race. We are working with independent/hopefully self-sustaining clans/tribes/extended families/neighborhoods. Do not think in any larger a scale until you have any plans as to how to fulfill the needs of and maintain these naturally forming smaller groups, or you will find failure in your works.

To wrap up: Communities must only find affiliation with one group, if they are not founded with one then a group will quickly set up shop. If multiple groups arrive at once there will be heavy fighting until the community is dominated by a singular ideology. Service based projects deal with people on an individual basis and show potential as for avoiding infighting and reaching people race wide. Against much of the work I have done in the past two years I now declare that “any project designed to reach race wide must take any measures necessary to prevent the forming of a community in their name or with which they could be linked into.” This shows potential for being the best model moving forward and it is where I will focus my effort from now on. The closing of WhiteShadeSociety is not a failure, but has proven an invaluable lesson that has answered many questions and has eliminated any brewing defeatism I may have had over the current state of any and all movements opposing the genocide of the European peoples.

May those who find themselves employed by those of an outgroup and whom disparage a fellow who employs one or two people of said group, may those who regulate our politics to a hobby whom hold double standards in their ‘other life,’ may those who bed with the enemy over a countryman they take fault with, may those who look down on children yet to be born or currently in a situation they themselves were born into as forfeit to life, and may those who feel entitled to be the sole beneficiary of the WhiteShade clan all find a permanent black stain on their and their family’s honor.

If you have any content you wish to preserve go claim it now. We will be shutting off the lights within the next week, leaving only this posting in place. WhiteShadeDating & WhiteShade as a whole move on!